21 Day Fix Snack Ideas

Dietary Chicken Ham 

Dietary chicken ham, or baked diet terrine. One of the simplest terrines, or homemade bacon, as you wish to call, which I have ever done. And not only regarding preparation but also in composition. A terrine is juicy, tender and dietary. And for those who lose weight, and for those who follow a diet with a gastrointestinal illness. Holidays are coming soon, and this terrine will help you out, even if you can’t do it, as it helped us out many times. This dish goes on hot, as a “baked log,” and as cold cuts. Tasty and so and so!!!

Baked Loaf With Cheese And Garlic 

According to Olay’s prescription from the SAY-7 forum. Try it, it is very tasty – crispy bread, soaked in butter, cheese and garlic aroma (girls, maybe I don’t know how to search, I looked for it, but I didn’t find anything like that, if you see it, I will delete the recipe, thanks for the understanding).

Snack “Fur Coat In A Fur Coat.” 

Today, few people will surprise such a favorite salad of many “Herring under a fur coat.” But I will try to do it by combining the original non-classic composition of this salad with the idea of ​​stuffed French loaf (recently expelled by lavish). It turned out so tasty that even I was surprised by my imagination. Try and see for yourself – it is beautiful, delicious and easy to prepare.

Snack Roll “Tyap-Leap.” 

Delicious, beautiful and unusual role. Always attracts attention, disappears at the very beginning of the feast. Getting ready is easy and fast. The source is my fantasy.

Chicken Roll “Marble.” 

I will say right away: the idea belongs to NINA SCHMIDT (Nina60), I saw her recipe “Roll in a package” on one culinary site and immediately decided to cook, many thanks to Nina for the wonderful recipe for a delicious roll that is relatively simple to prepare.

Snack “Penechki” 

A beautiful and very tasty snack will decorate your New Year’s table and will delight guests!

Gentle Roll 

If someone for the New Year’s table already collects recipes, take a note, but while there is time – try to prepare now, so that there is no doubt that your guests will like it. Made in minutes. It turns out very tasty. Especially those who love cheese with garlic and mayonnaise, and there still smack of eggs. Taste like salad.

Festive Cheese Roll 

Cheese lovers take heart. You can’t walk past this role, I guarantee. This is one of my signature dishes, amazingly tasty, beautiful and festive. Guests always require a reception and are asked to repeat at the next celebration. This “anniversary” recipe is my 100 on Cook! We are starting a holiday!!!

Eggplant “Favorite” 

Since I learned this recipe, I always have such a snack in the fridge. In season, eggplant cooks it regularly. I wanted to lay out the method even earlier, but all the time I forget to take a picture of the process. This is the last time. And then I thought: it is prepared so merely that it is not necessary to photograph the process in this recipe. Try it, well, it is VERY TASTY!

Pate “Tenderness” 

Pate is incredibly delicate, fragrant, and very tasty and is enjoyed by almost everyone. When I first made this pate in a country house with forest mushrooms, my mother said yes …, and the butter is a bit too much butter and was extremely surprised that there is no butter, butter there is no mention. And, of course, the pate is wholesome, satisfying, plenty of protein. Of what? Come, see for yourself!

Microwave Chips

Chips WITHOUT OIL AND WITHOUT SALT!!! Delicious!!! But, if desired, you can add spices and salt. Here I do not buy my daughters chips, but she asks. I saw this recipe and immediately tried it, now the order comes in almost every day! The good news is that the child can be given without fear, Yes, and by themselves to crunch! And it is desirable to use immediately.

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