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Diet For Weight Loss 10 Kg

There are many options for effective methods designed to get rid of so many kilograms. They differ in duration, the severity of restrictions, the range of products, the directional effects on the body and other parameters. It is only necessary to choose the optimal diet and diet that will not cause discomfort, harm the body and at the same time allow you to quickly achieve the intended results.

According to experts, even one month is a rather short period to get rid of such an amount of excess weight. However, this option is more acceptable because it allows you to make a well-balanced menu with the correct ratio of proteins and carbohydrates, but with almost no fat.

In general, when choosing a method of losing weight by 10 kg, regardless of the duration of the diet, it is recommended to consider a few nuances:

  • Products prevailing in the menu;
  • Tolerability and likelihood of allergic reactions to authorized products;
  • Possible contraindications.

It is also necessary to understand that rapid and effective method that allows losing 10 kg in a few days are usually not the best regarding effects on the body. Therefore, it is imperative to find a weight loss option that will optimally combine all the benefits and minimize the harm to health by all restrictions. Having decided on how long it is necessary to get the desired result, you need to choose a diet that is suitable for the duration and, of course, the appropriate taste preferences.

Types of diets for austerity

Of the whole variety of foods for fast weight loss of 10 kg, there are several of the most effective, which include:

  • Strict – the toughest of all;
  • Cleansing – softer;
  • For the lazy – the most benign.
  • Of course, the most productive of all is a strict mega diet that allows you to lose 10 kg in 7 days.


Strict diets are called, the menu of which consists of a minimum amount of low-calorie foods that help cleanse the body, eliminate fluid and promote fat burning. The most common variants of such methods of weight loss are hard mono-diets, in which the menu is limited to 1-2 products.

Essence And Rules

The effectiveness of a rigorous technique is due to the creation of a calorie deficit, due to which own fat reserves begin to split to obtain the necessary energy. The caloric content of the daily diet depends on the characteristics of the organism, but more often it is in the range of 800-1200 kcal.

The disadvantages of this technique are much higher. With frequent use significantly increases the risk of developing gastrointestinal diseases and exacerbation of any chronic conditions. Also, with such a quick weight loss, dropped kilograms often return, and with a weight gain, and excessive dietary restrictions are somewhat difficult to carry.

To achieve maximum results and reduce discomfort, in the process of losing weight it is recommended to follow the rules:

To reduce the feeling of hunger, to increase the number of meals to be raised to 6-7 times, and one-time portions to reduce to 200-250 g;

  • Do not use any other products than those permitted, especially when mono-diet;
  • To speed up the purification process, you should drink 1.5–2 liters of water per day.
  • For the duration of strict diets are usually 3-10 days, but to get rid of 10 kg requires at least one week.

Sample Menu

There are quite a few varieties of a strict menu, where you can lose up to 10 kg of excess weight. You can lose weight on any useful product or a combination of them; the main thing is to reduce the energy value of the diet significantly. The optimal duration of the technique, which allows you to get rid of so many kilograms, is 7-10 days.

Types of diets composition

Food systems based on products that promote weight loss — kefir, water, cereal, protein, and plant foods — are considered very useful. At the same time, the most effective and non-hungry protein diet is discussed.


Protein diet gives excellent results regarding losing 10 kg in 10 days because it allows not only to lose weight but also to keep muscles in shape. At the same time, the use of proteins provides fast and long-term saturation.

Essence And Rules

The mechanism of action of protein slimming techniques is based on the almost complete abandonment of carbohydrates and maximum protein intake. At the same time, food is obtained quite diverse, saturated with many substances necessary for the body, and also quickly gives a visible result without the risk of the return of lost kilograms.

Protein Diet For Weight Loss Of 10 Kg Is Based On The Following Rules:

Complex carbohydrates provided in the food, you can eat until 14:00, it is best if it is buckwheat or oatmeal in an amount not more than 7 tbsp. L in a day;

meals should be six times a day with breaks of 2-3 hours;

When cooking, you can not use fats, and their permissible daily rate – 35 g, this is 2 tbsp. L vegetable oil for filling ready meals;

To improve the taste, as a seasoning, only lemon juice or balsamic vinegar is allowed.

Implementation of all these recommendations will allow you to lose weight quickly, forming a beautiful silhouette of a figure with prominent muscles and taut skin.

Sample Menu

To lose 10 kg on a protein diet, it usually takes from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the amount of excess body weight and the characteristics of the body. This menu is offered for seven days, and it should be repeated as many times as necessary to achieve the goal.


  1. 7:00 – any dairy drink or milk;
  2. 10:00 – 150 grams of rice porridge;
  3. 13:00 – 200 g of lean meat (veal);
  4. 16:00 – 200 g of vegetable cutting;
  5. 19:00 – 2 eggs, 250 g of fish;
  6. 2 hours before bedtime – 1 cup of fresh fruit (citrus or apple).


  1. 7:00 – coffee or tea (with milk);
  2. 10:00 – cottage cheese (150 g);
  3. 13:00 – half chicken breast, 150 grams of buckwheat;
  4. 16:00 – vegetable cutting (200 g);
  5. 19:00 – scrambled eggs (2 eggs), fish (150 g);
  6. 2 hours before bedtime – 1 cup of fresh fruit (fruit or vegetable).


  1. 7:00 – cocoa with milk;
  2. 10:00 – fish (200 g);
  3. 13:00 – rice or buckwheat (150 g), seafood (100 g);
  4. 16:00 – vegetable stew with rice (200 g);
  5. 19:00 – scrambled eggs (2 eggs), lean meat (150 g);
  6. 2 hours before bedtime – 1 cup of fresh fruit (fruit or vegetable).


  1. 7:00 – fruit or vegetable decoction;
  2. 10:00 – 1 breast;
  3. 13:00 – rice-vegetable soup, 1 slice of rye bread;
  4. 16:00 – vegetable cutting (200 g);
  5. 19:00 – fish (200 g), 2 eggs;
  6. 2 hours before bedtime – 2 apples.


  1. 7:00 – kefir, 1 cracker;
  2. 10:00 – vegetable stew with rice (200 g);
  3. 13:00 – 2 potatoes, fish (150 g);
  4. 16:00 – cottage cheese (200 g);
  5. 19:00 – 100 g of lamb, 2 eggs;
  6. 2 hours before bedtime – vegetables (200 g).


  1. 7:00 – any drink;
  2. 10:00 – 1 crouton (loaf), 2 eggs;
  3. 13:00 – buckwheat (150 g), meat (100 g);
  4. 16:00 – vegetable cutting (200 g);
  5. 19:00 – fish (200 g), cottage cheese (150 g);
  6. 2 hours before bedtime – any fermented milk drink.


  1. 7:00 – any dairy drink or milk;
  2. 10:00 – fish (200 g), tomato juice;
  3. 13:00 – rice (150 g), lean meat (150 g);
  4. 16:00 – vegetable cutting (200 g);
  5. 19:00 – scrambled eggs, two apples;
  6. 2 hours before bedtime – 1 cup of fresh (orange or carrot).

In this diet, you can change the dishes to be equivalent in group and calorie content. But in the afternoon it is recommended to use only vegetables and protein products. If for some reason losing weight on protein foods of animal origin does not work, you can use a no less effective vegetarian weight loss system.

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