4 Simple Exercises to Strengthen and Shape Legs

Exercise 1: Walking

Walking is the simplest yet so effective exercise for getting skinnier legs especially for those women who are not interested in doing tough workouts. There are few simple steps to get great results from walking.


Take Slow Start

When you begin walking, first do it very slowly as part of a warm-up session for about five minutes. It will allow your body get better temperature level and proper circulation of oxygen in blood.

Increase Your Speed

Slowly increase your speed to get a moderate pace so you can breathe and sweat heavily. As you reach at breathing and sweating point, stay into that position until you reach at the finishing point of your workout.

Exercise Duration

There may be different periods for different people due to weight and body size but as an average duration, you can have a 30 minutes walking session at least 5 days a week. This will be really effective in toning your leg muscles.

Exercise 2: Swimming

Swimming is another great exercise for getting toned and skinny legs. It increases pumping of blood through legs and in the result, you have improved muscles. Follow the instructions below.


Reach at Pool Edge

First of all find a pool with clear water and reach at the edge of it, hold on the sides and begin kicking your legs and keep doing it until, you are unable to do anymore of it.

Go Deeper & Tramp Water

Move your body into deep end side and tramp water. This will make you feel so tired and you don’t need to do this anymore if you have begun feeling tired.

Move at Shallow Ends

In the third step, move into shallow end, move yourself under water to do squat and abruptly move up. Do this movement as many times as possible for you. As you reach at shallow end position, keep your body up but expand and split your legs.

Exercise 3 & 4: Cycling or Biking

Cycling or biking both are amazing movements as they involve your legs directly into the move and thus enable you to get maximum fat burned not just on legs but also on other parts of the body.


Burn Calories with Cycling

Cycling is a proven way to burn maximum number of calories to burn excessive body fat. If your weight 160 pounds, you can easily burn 295-500 calories just in an hour. Additionally, the number of calories can be less or more as it depends upon your speed.

Burn Calories with Biking

You can also use a bike to get your legs skinny and the best thing about it is that you can use it as a general way of exercises without sparing extra time. For example, if you have a car and a bike, you can go ride the bike to the superstore instead of driving in your car.

Move at the Speed of 10 MPH

If you go to your office in your car or public transport, you can again use bike instead. If you move your bike at the speed of 10 mph, this can help you burn the same amount of calories as you burn with the cycling.

Use a Stationary Bike

If you don’t want to ride outside, you can use a stationary bike within your home or at the local gym. This is also an effective way to burn calories and you would surely like to do this especially.

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