5 Common Excuses About Alcohol Use

Of course, we sometimes drink a glass, for relaxation after a busy day. And red wine is good for the blood vessels, right? Five commonly used excuses for alcohol use. Here we give you a few handy tips to let the glass stand more often.

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  1. ‘I can relax better with a drink’

After a busy day you will be cooking with a nice glass of wine. Hey, just relax. ‘A drink purely for pleasure is not a problem. ‘But if you can hardly relax without it, drink serves a different purpose. That may lead to dependent behavior.

Addiction doctors at the detoxification clinic: ‘Be alert when you need alternative ways to relax, such as exercising or catching up with your loved one, do not work.’ That you can sleep better with a drink. “You might be asleep well. But at night you wake up more often, you perspire more and in the morning you wake up early and restlessly. ‘

Suggestion: do relaxation exercises, walk around a block before sleep or take a hot shower.

  1. ‘I do not drink that much, certainly not in comparison with others’

The more you drink, the less you think you drink. A finish study shows that moderate drinkers underestimate their intake by four percent and heavy drinkers even by twelve percent. British researchers also have bad news: we systematically underestimate the contents of a glass. In those big wine bubbles, 300 ml of wine soon goes – while 100 ml of wine is the ‘acceptable maximum’ for a woman!

Another research also shows that alcohol users mistakenly think that most people drink as much as they do (the so-called majority fallacy). Add to this the fact that alcohol lovers visit each other, and then it seems as if everyone drinks a lot.

Addiction specialist says; ‘In our culture, alcohol has a tough image, also among highly educated people. I speak lawyers who go out with colleagues. The biggest drinker, with witty stories, is often at the top of the pecking order. If you drink a spear and you are quiet, you will soon be found sad. And you do not want that. How do you best deal in such an environment? Drive back yourself – then you have to stay sober. Or delay the first alcoholic drink. You may ask for help from a reliable and reputed addiction treatment center near you like neaddictions.com Northeast Addictions Treatment Center is to provide the best continuum of care for all men and women.

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Suggestion: Agree beforehand with yourself how much you drink and be more likely the bob. Or find the company in which drink is less obvious.

  1. ‘I mainly drink for fun’

End of the afternoon: invariably the sweet invasion at your home, with friends and the Canadian neighbor at the kitchen table. Cozy, ‘so’ the cork comes out from the bottle (s). ‘Of course, such moments are’ pleasant ‘. But does that neighbor take the coziness with him when he leaves? Or do you just empty that bottle yourself?

How many ‘socializing drinkers’ the American counts is unknown. The fact is that drinking is also very cozy. Alcohol played a role in a quarter of American accidents at home; one in four road fatalities is the direct result of drinking, and in the case of violence in public areas, the perpetrator is under the influence in 61 percent of cases.

Even in office drinks, the drink is not always just for fun. It makes it easier to get in touch with colleagues, but if you do not dare to have a drink without

Always ask yourself: why do I drink? If you want to be ‘looser’ or more self-assured, it is smarter to take an assertiveness training than to take three glasses backward. ‘

Suggestion: If you drink to feel socially stronger than you should rather follow a self-confidence course.

  1. ‘If I want to, I just stop. I do not drink every day “

‘That is possible. Even habitual drinkers can get through the day just fine, without alcohol, or the week. A month is already a different story.

Why is it so difficult to delete those few wines from the menu? An addiction expert says, ‘Your memory is programmed on that fixed portion of alcohol. An alarm signal is if you already yearn for the bottle of chablis that is cold in the evening. Or if you still run to the liquor if you do not have any liquor in the house.

Your brain is not satisfied with one glass. Alcohol systematically numbs your brain’ from front to back. In the front is the part that regulates your social break. This will make you looser, but the brake on drinking will also become less.

Suggestion: Never drink when you are alone and do not drink at least two days a week.

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