6 Effective Acupressure Points for Thyroid – Treat Hypothyroidism through Acupressure

When thyroid glands are functioning properly, they produce just the exact amount of the hormone which is needed to regulate metabolic process of human body. However, the issue arises whenever thyroid gland produces either too little or too much of thyroxine.

What is Thyroxine?

Thyroxine is the vital chemical in our body which drastically influences the mental health, energy level in our body as well as body weight. To understand “what thyroid problem is” it’s necessary to understand the thyroid gland.

What is Thyroid Gland?

Thyroid is a small s butterfly-shaped gland, situated in the front of neck, and it’s in control of hormone regulation, body’s weight, body’s metabolism and calcium level in the body. The thyroid problems arise because of the underproduction (hypothyroidism) or because of overproduction (hyperthyroidism) of the essential thyroid hormones.

Acupressure Therapy for Thyroid Treatments

Acupressure therapy can be effectively used to recover hormonal balance. Acupressure also helps in regulating energy levels that help you to manage your emotions, treat menstrual problems and promote your sleep. There are many potent acupressure points all over our body that we can activate by applying the right amount of pressure. When pointed accurately and applied the right amount of pressure you can treat both hypothyroidism as well as hyperthyroidism by using acupressure therapy. This article will focus on the application of acupressure and acupressure points for thyroid for treating hypothyroidism. But first, let’s discuss what actually hypothyroidism is?

What is Hypothyroidism?

It is a condition of underactive thyroid gland. In this condition, the underactive thyroid gland isn’t able to produce a sufficient amount of thyroid hormone that in turn causes body processes to lower down due to the lack of energy. Underproduction of thyroid gland also makes your body’s metabolism sluggish. Moreover, hypothyroidism also affects skin texture, body weight, brain development, muscle strengths and even disturb the menstrual cycle in women.

In the world of Acupressure therapy, hypothyroidism is defined as a deficiency of Yin, Yan or Qi of kidney. Here are some of the specific acupressure points for thyroid that are used to help treat hypothyroidism.

6 Potential Acupressure Points for Thyroid to Treat Hypothyroidism

  1. GV 7 or Governing Vessel 7 or Central Pivot Point.

HypothyroidismThe Acupressure point GV 7 a.k.a Governing Vessel 7 is a potent acupressure point that is used in the treatment of thyroid symptoms in both men as well as in women in situations of hypothyroidism. GV 7 is also known as the Central Pivot. It is located exactly at the mid-point on back of our body, mid-way exactly between the starting of the pelvic region and the end of the neck.

When you stimulate GV 7 point, it helps in bringing up Yang energy level which is beneficial for hormonal function. This point is also a local point for back pains which allows you to treat poor appetite, abdominal pains, and menstrual issues.

  1. KD 7 or Kidney 7 or Recovery Flow Point

HypothyroidismKD 7 also known as kidney 7 is one of the most effective thyroid acupressure points that are helpful in treating hypothyroidism. KD 7 is also known as Recovery Flow. It is located on the medial aspect of lower legs, at the edge of the Achilles’ tendon, 2 cun above point KD 3.

It’s a tonification point of kidney which regulates Yang and Qi of the kidney. KD 7 is also a beneficial pressure point for treatment of digestive disorders, night sweating, abdominal distensions, numbness, weaknesses, and pains in legs.

  1. SP 6 or Spleen 6 or Three Yin Intersection

Hypothyroidism2SP 6 also known as Spleen 6 is another essential acupressure point which is used for the treatments of thyroid problems in men and women in case of hypothyroidism. This point is also popular as Three Yin Intersection, as it is situated 3 cun above the tip of the medial malleolus on posterior edge of the tibia. This point is the intersecting point of three yins which helps in activating this point to aid in promoting blood circulation, tonifying the liver, spleen, and kidney as well as to vitalize blood.

SP 6 also help in treating digestive disorders, menstrual problems, sexual issues in both male and female, sleeping disorders, skin diseases, dizziness, high blood pressure, anxiety disorder, and palpitations.

  1. Yintang Point Or Hall Of Impression

Hypothyroidism3This acupressure point for thyroid is one of the most beneficial points that are widely used treating hypothyroidism. Yintang is one of the extra acupressure points that don’t correspond with any particular acupressure meridian. It is also called Hall of Impression, and it’s situated between 2 eyebrows, exactly below spot called the third eye.

Yintang is a reflex point of the pituitary gland that controls thyroid gland. It’s also a significant point to calm the spirit as well as treating stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It is a local point for treating sinusitis, headache, and congestion.

  1. LI 10 or Large Intestine 10 or Arm Three Li

Acupressure point LI 10 also called as Large Intestine 10 is another potent acupressure point for thyroid that is used for treatment of hypothyroidism. LI 10 is situated on the arm. LI is also known as Arm Three Li, and it’s situated at the dorsal radial side of forearm when elbow is flexed, just 2cun below transverse cubital crease.

Hypothyroidism4Stimulating LI 10 helps to tonify the blood and Qi, to improve thyroid gland functioning. It is the local point for the treatment of tennis elbow, and it is also used to address diarrhea, stiffness as well as shoulder and neck pain.

  1. LI 11or Large Intestine 11 or Pool at the Bend

LI 11 also known as Large Intestine 11 is a potent acupressure point for thyroid that is used to treat hypothyroid problems. It is also known as Pool at the Bend. LI 11 is located at lateral edge of elbow crease.

HypothyroidismStimulating LI 11 clears heat, it cools blood as well as also regulates the blood and Qi. LI 11 is also used in the treatment of malaria, fever, eye problems, sore throat, toothache, digestive issues, abdominal pain, depressive psychosis, shoulder and neck pain.

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