Direct and Indirect Influence of Stress over Acne

Stress plays a direct role in the lives of people, would it be about their social relationships, family matters or skin matters. Acne and Candida are highly influenced by the body responses to stress. There are several concepts related to stress and acne relationship. However, as a matter of fact, stress affects acne directly and indirectly both.

The human body is a complex of several systems which are all connected to each other. A disruption in one system would definitely bring changes in at least one other system. Brain – the platform where all systems connect with each other – is the similar entity which connects stress with the acne.

Direct Influence of Stress over Acne

The direct influence of stress over acne occurs in only one form i.e. aggravating the existing acne. Researches reveal that stress directly does not cause acne to breakout. To further elaborate this statement, consider an air-filled balloon inside a water balloon. If you add some more water in the balloon, the pressure on the air-filled balloon will increase and it might burst. This is an indirect influence. However, if you add water in a balloon with no air at all, it will not burst the balloon as the balloons do not swell with water. If you add water in an air-filled balloon, only then it would burst.

Similar is the case with stress and acne. Acne breakout due to stress is always indirect. However, a direct influence occurs when the skin is already broken out into acne. The direct influence occurs due to the response of sebum producing cells. It is discovered that the sebum producing cells of the human skin contain receptors which pay response to the stress. When these receptors are triggered by the stress receptors, these cells produce more sebum which clogs in the cells, and in this way, acne production increases.

However, stress does not trigger acne production in the skin due to the self-healing power of the skin. A skin victimized by the acne has already lesser defensive power to the acne. However, a healthy skin with no acne at all is potent to fight back to the stress and control its sebum production.

Several research institutes conducted experiments to analyze the effects of stress on acne. These experiments included analyzing the acne prone skin of students during exams, evaluating the work stress influence on the employees etc. The results were not astounding to the researchers, as stress had expedited the production of acne in these people.

Indirect Influence of Stress over Acne

The indirect influence occurs in several stages. The brain acts as a coordinator between acne and stress in this condition. In an indirect influence, stress might trigger the growth of acne from zero stage. The indirect influences occur in the following ways:

Hormonal Imbalance

Stress disturbs the stability of the hormones in the human bodies. Experiments reveal that stress can largely increase the growth of the hormone and hormone secretions due to which, an imbalance occurs in the human bodies. The nervous system does not identify excessive production of the adrenal hormones and increase the facial hair and acne. On the other hand, stress produces similar effects on the Candida also.

Unnoticed Eating

Stress eating is a very common phenomenon, especially among the housewives. Stress paralyzes the brain and the body fails to notice the amount of eating and the quality of food. An acne prone skin instantly catches the quality and quantity of the food taken in, produces extra sebum, cell clogging occurs and ultimately, acne growth starts.

Lowered Immunity

Stress directly influences the white blood cells or the defense cells of a person’s defense system. Decreased immunity of the skin against diseases, bacteria, skin viruses and foreign bodies induce the acne to grow.

Improper Digestion

It is quite weird to know, and many nutritionists and researchers are still unable to discover the reason of why stress disturbs the digestive system. Most of the researches claim that the digestion receptors of the brain fail to take proper messages to the digestive system due to stress and therefore the body fails to take in complete nutrients from the food. Also, the digestive tract remains stuffed with old food which triggers acne production.

Some Recommendations for the Treatment of Acne

  • Avoid air fresheners in the home.
  • Grow plants in bottles and hang in different parts of the house. Every room should contain at least one plant.
  • Take sunshine exposure for at least 15 to 20 minutes daily.
  • Try to get a properly ventilated house. At least the room of children or old aged family members should contain windows.
  • Keep the water cans empty or at least properly covered.
  • Change the water of plants every week.
  • Don’t leave the smelly clothes inside the house. Wash them as soon as possible.
  • Keep your pets neat and clean.
  • Make an intelligent investment in the indoor air purifier.
  • Avoid CFCs.
  • Try to live in a natural environment with no heaters or ACs.

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