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Ten Days: The Secret Celebrity Program For Losing Weight Fast

Super-fast weight loss. – I don’t know how it’s for you, but when I say “diet,” it literally “sucks in the stomach.” It feels like the body has a “front” command that works on a subconscious level, and it starts to pull everything in its mouth. Maybe this is due primarily to the fact that at one time there was an attempt to try, succumbing to fashion trends, one of the popular diets, which bore the deadly nature of starvation. The body took this as an attack on him and all further claims for losing weight always ended almost the same, that is, simply by increasing the appetite and the weight gain resulting from it. What is this strange concept of “diet food” and where did this “wonderful” word actually come from?

In general, the word “diet” existed in ancient Greece. Translated from the ancient Greek, it means “diet” or more deeply “lifestyle.” The concept of “diet” is well formulated in the explanatory dictionary of S.I. Ozhegova: “specially established diet.” In principle, everything is the case, and it is a diet in compliance with certain rules for the use of various products. At the same time, it may differ significantly depending on professional activity, gender, and some other factors; all of them must be taken into account when selecting or composing a diet food. And not everyone can do this, but a well-qualified specialist is a dietitian. Otherwise, you face a problem not only with the digestive tract but also with the psyche (as many people develop nervous breakdowns). The time of blindly following diets indiscriminately has long passed. Now people are more serious about their health, but still, there are enough “hotheads,” one of these heads once belonged to me too.

Varieties of diets and indeed a great many: preventive, curative, for weight loss and so on. Especially popular are diets aimed at weight loss, apparently because the problem of obesity is literally in front of every fourth person on the planet. And of course, everyone dreams that having completed a class of “therapeutic” nutrition, they will indeed heal from their illness. But food alone does not close the question, and, having decided to start a diet, it is necessary to rethink your whole lifestyle and be ready for changes in it. Let’s take a little closer look at what we want to join.

At the heart of each diet, in principle, there are several basic rules, without which there is no point in even thinking about it.

All the calories you get with the consumed food must be lost in its quantity to those calories that are burned by the body. In other words, consume less than you spend.

For the normal state and health of the body, a whole complex of substances is needed, and in a certain amount. If we cannot get them, then failure is merely inevitable. So, we all know that the human body cannot exist without water (1.5-3 liters), which helps break down fats. But do not think that you need to get rid of all fats, because they are participants in the process of hormone production and energy accumulation, and in this case carbohydrates perform well as assistants. Fiber is necessary for tissues (minimum 30-40 grams). The body uses protein in the construction of new cells. I think it’s not even worth talking about the benefits and requirements for vitamins and minerals, and it is well known to everyone. Those. The replenishment of all necessary reserves shall not be violated.

Weight Loss

The Body Must Quickly Absorb The Substances Entering It And Recycle them.

Unfortunately, most of the currently known diets (“Euro-diet,” “Cambridge,” “Atkins,” etc.) do not guarantee compliance with all these rules, and, consequently, pose a health hazard. Moreover, they are characterized by the “juju” effect, when the “saved” calories quickly return, and even “a hundredfold.”

Danish dietitians have identified that you can lose weight, even not so much thinking “how much” like “what” we eat. In their opinion, only a minimum of fatty foods, both meat, and dairy, should be consumed, and white bread and brown rice, sugar and sugar-containing products should be strictly abandoned. But to increase the amount of protein, fiber. But at the same time, a surplus of protein products requires maximum activation of the kidney function, filtering rapidly formed nitrogen-containing waste. At the same time, the body loses a certain amount of vitamins and minerals (after all, the diet is based on restricting the consumption of some products, and so far, even with the help of geneticists, they have not brought out the “ideal”, containing only all the necessary components and products in themselves) for good. Vitamin complexes do not save, although their benefits to the body are excellent.

This “blitz-recipe” for losing weight is considered by many to be fasting. Checked for yourself, having arranged a hunger strike in a row for 2-3 days, literally sitting on the water and light porridges on the water, you can really “throw off” up to 3-5 cm at the waist. But not everyone, even a healthy person, is ready to withstand such “self-esteem,” not to mention suffering from some diseases. By the way, the “runaway” centimeters “pleased” me again after two weeks. After fasting, alas, it is natural. Only now, not everyone takes this into account, thereby obtaining, together with pounds and health problems, new depression and reduced immunity. Therefore, it is important “not to rush out of the frying pan into the fire,” and if you can’t do without fasting or dieting, discuss all issues with a nutritionist who will make you an individual nutritional system, including all the necessary nutrients. In general, it is possible, if there are no contraindications, to apply mixed diets. By the time they do not last long, it is important that there is no “return,” to prepare oneself for the long-awaited “losses” by gradually reducing the amount of food and replacing the products slowly with dietary ones.

Then go directly to the observance of the diet.

The “semi-liquid” diet is more natural than others: 1.5 liters of milk is given on the first day (plus any amount of water). On the second – only two packages of yogurt. The next day – six hard-boiled eggs. On the fourth day, you can enjoy yourself 450 grams. Beef, but just cooked. On a penultimate day, vegetables appear in the diet: about 600-700 grams. (Raw, steamed or fried – decide for yourself). On the final day, treat yourself to fruits – up to 2 kg. The subjects lost about 4 kg in 6 days, and this, believe a lot!

Milk lovers are offered a special diet – “milk.” Within five days drink 1-1.5 liters of milk, somewhere in a glass in 2 hours. It’s hard to bear, even if you like milk.

To those who cannot refuse meat, I suggest another option for three days: 1- the whole chicken is divided into three equal parts, i.e., for three meals. Instead of salt, lemon juice is used. 2 – 400 gr. Boiled veal, also divided into three doses. 3 – No more than 4 cups of coffee without sugar, with a small amount of milk + up to 2 liters of water. You can add a small number of greens to the meat.

It helps to lose weight (up to 0.5 kg per day) diet with the friendly name “potato”: drink a glass of milk for breakfast, then for lunch: 300-400 gr. Mashed potatoes for dinner: salad of boiled potatoes and one egg, with the addition of ground pepper, lemon juice, vinegar, and some vegetable oil. But here not to do without the use of active vitamin complexes.

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