Witch Hazel For Genital Warts

How To Get Rid Of Genital Warts At Home

Genital warts are unpleasant growths that occur in the groin area of the body. Having become infected with them once, you face a difficult task to get rid of this shameful trouble. Before the situation gets out of control, look in the kitchen or the bathroom for these simple, inexpensive home remedies.

One Try pure non-prescription drugs. Human papillomavirus becomes such a common problem that the amount of money from it grows like a forest fire. Go to the local supermarket and look for what they have next to aspirin and Neosporin.

Many complain of the following drawback: it takes too long to get it started. On average, you will need at least a few weeks before you begin to notice results. If you have time, then these tools are painless and act gently.

2 Look for products with salicylic acid. This is the safest and most popular tool, but it can take months. Ask the pharmacist to recommend you the appropriate drug, the active ingredient in which will be salicylic acid, which will soften warts and, eventually, eliminate. The same substance is used in anti-acne medications.

When using salicylic acid, it is best first to soak the wart in water, then apply the acid and leave overnight. Cover the surface with a bandage or cloth to keep the ointment on the sheets.

3 Use sticky tape. When they said “for any occasion,” did they mean it? In 2007, an article was published in the USA Today newspaper that this tool is useful for removing genital warts – and it works in 20% of patients. 1 to 5 is better than nothing.

According to this method, you stick a sticky tape on the wart and leave for six days. After a designated period, remove the tape and file a mole with a nail file. Repeat until the problem completely disappears. [2]

Four Try castor oil. This thing has been used for centuries for a variety of medical purposes. If you cannot stand the smell (and it is quite powerful), mix it with some more aromatic oil, for example, with mint. This method is applied a little differently.

Soak a cotton ball in the tool and stick it on the wart. Change three times a day, or at will.

Make a paste of baking soda and apply on the wart. Change every 4 hours. To avoid getting the mixture on clothes, cover it with gauze or bandage. [3]

Five Use tea tree oil. If you have heard that it works in the fight against acne, it also helps with warts – just it burns even less than apple cider vinegar. Studies are the still being conducted, but they are promising.

Apply it in the same way as castor oil: the soaked cotton ball should be on the wart all day (and night) until the wart disappears completely. The duration of treatment depends on the size of the mole – usually weeks, or several months.

Hazel For Genital Warts

Use What Was Found In The Kitchen

One Try apple cider vinegar. After a quick hike to the grocery, you are ready to start a war with these pranksters. If you can digest it, just put a little on a cotton ball and attach it (as is the case with castor oil) and leave on the wart all night. Wash it off in the morning. The mole should completely disappear (with a noticeable difference) in 2-3 weeks. [One]

This method can be quite painful. If you tried to leave everything at night, but could not endure a burning sensation (literally), then you should try to do everything gradually, applying 15 minutes more each time during the day.

2 Use vitamin E oil or garlic. Official application: garlic – “sticky tape” of the kitchen. If you want to stay away from western medicine (and vampires), garlic is just what you need. As for vitamin E oil, fish oil is a good substitute (it is incredibly saturated with vitamin E).

When using this method, abundantly rub the wart with oil. After that, cover the surface with chopped garlic. Apply gauze to the wart (and garlic paste) and leave for 48 hours. After this time, remove everything and apply again.

3 Cut the onion. The next in command after the all-powerful garlic is onions. Although science may not agree, grandmothers and homemakers swear that this tool works. Take a couple of onion rings, attach to the wart and cover with a bandage – let the onion juice do its magic. Change dressing every few hours. [2]

Four take an oatmeal bath. If you did not know what miracles oatmeal creates for your health (superfood for salvation!), everything else would help your skin correctly. This will not eliminate the wart but will reduce irritation, pain, and persistent itching. [2]

If immersing your whole body in a warm oatmeal bath is at odds with your hygiene principles, make an oat scrub to exfoliate: 1 tablespoon of oatmeal with water. It will make your skin clean, refresh it, remove dirt and help prevent the occurrence of warts in the future.

We Improve The Situation

Be careful when applying the product. If you use a cream or other remedy designed to eliminate warts, make sure you ask it only directly on warts. It will not be good if you apply it in non-infected areas of skin. Your skin may blister, turn red, swell up and add problems to your list of ills.

It should be said that before treating genital warts, make sure that these are genital warts. Apply apple cider vinegar on the genitals and spend the night in the groans of fiery agony – not the price you should pay for a particularly annoying ingrown hair.

Do Not Scratch Or Scratch Warts.

If you do this, you run the risk of combing and opening a wart, causing the virus to spread over uninfected areas of skin. Very unattractive perspective. Try an oatmeal bath, a soothing salt bath, or apply a cold compress to reduce itching. [Four]

Your concern is to prevent the spread of the virus. Wash your clothes separately in hot water, do not wear the same things for more than 6-8 hours in a row.

Keep Your Genitals Dry.

Humid environment – a favorable soil for the development of bacteria. If you do not keep this area dry, you may aggravate the problem. Dry thoroughly with a towel, or use a hairdryer. If the warts are dry, you will speed up their elimination. [Four]

If you are thinking of using a hair dryer, set it to a low temperature. You do not want to hurt yourself!

Stay Healthy

As with any infection, your body must fight warts. In most cases, HPV will go away by itself. [5] One way or another, if you take no action, your business can get worse, much worse, before the virus leaves – if it goes. Take care of yourself and maintain immunity in peak form.

Eat healthy foods. This means to fill the diet with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and consume a lot of vitamins and minerals. The better your well-being, the faster your body will heal itself.

Make an effort to protect yourself from disease, always wash your hands and maintain good hygiene. The smaller the number of viruses with which your body needs to fight, the more power it will have for war with warts, and victory, in this case, will come sooner.

Visit A Doctor.

 Entirely for sure: the best way to cure warts is to use prescription drugs. This is a proven, safe and time-saving product. Moreover, your doctor is well informed about how to deal with the situation as a whole – mentally and emotionally; this problem can be quite debilitating.

Also, there is still no medical evidence for some of the listed funds. A visit to the doctor is highly recommended because even if you get rid of genital warts, there is no guarantee that the virus is completely gone.

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