Helpful Exercises to Get Rid of Acne

One of the factors which play a major role in reducing acne and its scars include exercise. A 15 minute heavy exercise, which lets you sweat from head to toe, is very helpful for your acne. However, you should always take a bath after the exercise. Acne can be reduced by some facial exercises as well.

Pull in the air in your right cheek and maintain the pressure on the cheek walls. Count from 1 to 5 and exhale quickly from the mouth. Repeat the same with the left cheek also. This is a cheek muscle relaxation exercise. It takes over the control of the cheek pores which are clogged with the sebum. This muscle relaxation reduces the power of the sebum in your cheek’s skin and increases the blood supply to the cheeks. The healing process of acne and acne scars increases in this way.

Raise your eyebrows and put pressure on your forehead. Now put your fingertips on your forehead just above the melting point of the eyebrows. Stretch the forehead outwards 5 times. Then relax your forehead and count till 5. Repeat the same exercises 5 times a day.

Fill some air in the chin and count till 5. Release the air from the mouth and let the chin relax. After counting till 5, repeat the same process. This is also required to be done for 5 times.

Put your right leg forward and your left leg backward in a standing position. Skip and change the position of the legs i.e. left forward and right backward now. Continue changing for at least 1 minute. Now take 3 deep breaths by putting your right hand on your chest and your left hand on your stomach. Try to move your stomach only and not the chest. Then repeat again for 4 more times.

For Candida, intense exercises do not work. Try to do moderate exercises and keep working. Stay as much active as possible. There are no special exercises for Candida. You can do normal exercises for Candida. However, the speed should be very moderate. Always do a 5-minute warm up before exercise and 5-minute cool down after you have performed the exercise. Start your Candida exercises very slowly.

You must remember that exercise and being active are always good to deal with almost every type of the disease or problem. Even if it is acne or Candida, the exercise will benefit you for sure.

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