How to Determine Body Type & Fat Percentage to Reach Ideal Weight?

Putting on fat and muscles might not be very difficult but burning fat to look skinny is something that requires lots of hard work, patience, passion, dedication and consistency. It also involves more than one factors to produce desired results such as body type, current caloric consumption, actual caloric requirement, effective exercises, and perfect dieting plan. In this article, you will learn how you can get skinny and sexy body by following few steps.

Step 1: Determine Your Body Type to Understand the Level of Difficulties

Body type really matters in your way toward getting a skinny and sexy body. Unusually, the term “SKINNY” is used to refer Ectomorph Body Type but there are two more types of people who have to deal differently with their weight loss and weight gain issues and therefore, it is really important to know what body type you have before you begin training sessions as this will help you understand the level of difficulties and hardworking you are required to face.


These are the people with little muscles, little fat and delicate bone structure. They are skinny by nature or can get skinny without doing lots of efforts.


These are the people who are at easy when it is about getting fat, developing muscles or even burning fat.


These are the people with round head, round abdomen, large internal organs, short arms, short legs with body fat and they have to do real efforts to lose weight.

Step 2: Determine Fat Percentage: Know Exact Amount of Calories Your Body Needs

Losing weight to get skinny is all about burning maximum calories but it does not mean that you cut down the calories too low and don’t supply your body with necessary level of energy, it requires to perform functions properly. If you are interested in losing weight, you need to burn more amount of calories than you are actually consuming. Here is a simple calories burning rule:

If you want to lose weight!

Supply less calories than your body consumes as energy. This will compel your body to consume fat storage as energy resources and surely this will results in maximum weight loss.

If you want to maintain weight!

Supply the same amount of calories that is being used by your body. This will keep your weight at stable position. No weight gain, no weight loss at all.

If you want to gain weight!

Supply more amount of calories, than actual requirement of your body and in this way your body will store the extra calories as fat inside.

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