How To Get Rid Of Eczema Forever

Truth And Fiction About Eczema: Whom She Chooses And How To Treat It

Today, patients with eczema often suffer from such a flow of procedures, medications, and recommendations that one involuntarily begins to believe a famous aphorism: “If a particular remedy is offered for a particular disease, then it is incurable.” Perhaps we will start with this.

Official Medicine Is Powerless

In fact. Although eczema is not defeated, an experienced doctor today can safely guarantee to the patient that even in the most severe, chronic cases they will be able to keep the disease under control. An acute form of eczema without treatment goes away in 2-3 months. If you do not go into sub-acute, which passes without treatment for six. If it does not turn into chronic, which is never cured.

Conclusion. The program of treatment of eczema should be the only individual. If the doctor is not interested in the characteristics of your diet, lifestyle, family and work situation and is limited to standard recommendations, it is better to look for another specialist.

The Aggravation Removes Ultraviolet

In fact. Ultraviolet irradiation used to be very widely used. Today it does not apply at all: physiotherapy is useful only in severe forms of chronic eczema. With acute or sub-acute from its widespread use is better to refrain.

Conclusion. No methods are yet able to replace drug therapy — corticosteroid ointments and systemic antihistamines. In this case, without the latter, you can do if the external means you pick up correctly. Folk remedies such as cabbage leaves or laundry soap are useless. They only worsen the course of the disease.

Can Be Treated With Diet And Vitamins.

In fact. Diet does not cure; it only allows you to exclude one of the provocateurs of new attacks – food allergens. Moreover, they each have their own, so it is better to pass the analysis for all allergens and develop your nutrition program. But intensive vitamin therapy for acute and sub-acute eczema can even be dangerous: the vitamins themselves can provoke an allergy. Especially it concerns vitamins of group B, in particular, B12.

Conclusion. Only vitamin C is safe and even beneficial for eczema: it serves as a material for the synthesis of corticosteroid hormones. The remaining vitamins are shown just for chronic disease.

Seawater Will Help

In fact. Climate therapy is useful only for atopic dermatitis. And with eczema – as far as. Helpful to relax from stress and anxiety.

Conclusion. The main rule for all: that resort is good, where you will not experience any stress.

MYTH. Risk group – people of a particular psychological stock: ambitious, with the makings of a leader

In fact. Eczema occurs in people of all psychological types. Although the risk is primarily those with the disease, who suffered from one of the ancestors. No need to discount other factors. More often, eczema chooses young women who are nervous at work, and after a busy day, they are forced to solve a lot of domestic problems. Stress and frequent skin contact with household chemicals also contribute to the exacerbation of eczema. However, men also have enough reasons for the disease.

Conclusion. Scientists dream – to develop tests for predisposition to the disease. But research in this area has a not yet gone beyond the scope of experiments, and not very reliable ones. The disease is non-infectious, despite the non-aesthetic appearance of patients during the period of exacerbation.

Men In Black

Eczema is often affected by people wearing black socks or stockings. It turns out that par phenyl e indamine is the most potent allergen in most black dyes. But either the old and experienced doctors know this from their practice or the young scientists who use the Fitzpatrick translated atlas reference book.

Feel The Difference

To distinguish between the acute, sub-acute and chronic form of eczema is easy, even if you come across it for the first time.

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