How To Lose Breast Weight Fast

How To Lose Weight And Not Forget Chest?

As a rule, women are aware that they have saved enough extra pounds. But with weight loss subconsciously hesitate, rightly worrying that it will make their neckline less seductive. Indeed, the victory overweight, as a rule, affects the size and appearance of the breast. However, if you know a few tricks, the “Slimming” operation will be able to be carried out with minimal losses on the “front line.”

Why Does The Chest “Melt” Along With The Weight? Three Main Factors

It is believed that it is the fact that gives the appetizing breast volumes, and by and large, this is true, but not all.

The fat layer is an indispensable part of the anatomy of the female breast. The “fatty” surrounds the central functional portion of the chest, the mammary gland itself, serving as protection against injury and temperature changes, as well as a specific nutrient resource in case a woman eats poorly and needs to carry and feed the baby.

According to the general constitution of a woman, it is impossible to conclude the amount of fat in her chest: there is also a “fat-free” bust in large women, and with a “thick layer of chocolate” in thin ones. Breast size is also not an indicator; often large breasts make an abundance of epithelial tissue. The volume and thickness of the fat layer of each specific female breast is a matter of genetics, not lifestyle or weight.

So, most of us are at risk of losing weight and losing breasts, those of us who are hereditarily doomed in no small amount of adipose tissue in it, as well as women whose age is approaching forty or has passed for this mark. In the years of menopause, the anatomy of a woman undergoes a series of changes, and the epithelial tissue gives way to fatty tissue in any case, even if there was almost no fat in the chest. Accordingly, a noticeable weight loss after forty is virtually guaranteed to turn the breast into “pancakes” – it just will have nothing to fill it with. You can see how the female breastworks here.

Cooper Bundles

Cooper bindings are a subtle and even unknown to many, but vital organ. He is responsible for the shape and tone of the breast, as well as its ability to resist the efforts of the hostess, aimed at combating obesity. These are thin tapes of connective tissue piercing the chest from the inside and attached to the skin in its deep layers. It is because of the stretching of the Cooper ligaments that the breast hangs in the process of losing weight or with age. Accordingly, if the bust is fluffy, then the load on the ligaments is higher, and the pitiable result of their stretching is more obvious.

The ligaments are quite elastic, but they are easily deformed, and jogging and cardio exercises, which make the chest bounce fun, become the most dangerous in this regard. The central and saddest fact that you should know about the ligaments of Cooper is their inability to recover. Therefore, if you want to lose weight and not forget your chest, you need to care for and nurture the Cooper ligaments from an early age, without neglecting the quality of supporting underwear, even if the breast without it looks much more seductive. And in the gym, a special bra, gently but surely fixing the bust, not leaving him the freedom of movement, the same must-have object as stylish sneakers!

Skin And Muscles

There are no muscles in the chest itself, but “from the inside out” of the mammary gland lies the pectoralis major muscle, to which the hemispheres of the bust are attached. Around her are several smaller, but essential parts of the musculature: the front toothed muscle under the chest on the ribs, the adjacent side of the latissimus dorsal muscle, the skeletal muscle and the biceps of the shoulder, supporting the chest on the armpit and forearm. The entire pectoral musculature is also known as the pectoral.

Information that the female breasts can be increased with the help of power exercises is a myth: if you are fond of this kind of “correction,” you are more likely not to get a beautiful neckline, but a torso like Conan the barbarian. However, completely run the muscles surrounding the chest is not worth it in any case – they play the role of “natural bra” that provides support.

The skin condition also affects the appearance of the breast. Therefore, lack of physical activity (not only fitness is essential here, but Pilates, yoga, stretching), care errors, as well as a diet in which there is not enough protein needed for muscles and the epidermis, only worsen the situation and aggravate the suffering chest position in the process of losing weight.

How To Keep Breasts When Losing Weight: You Need A Special Diet!

Diet – the first and foremost measure that accompanies the implementation of any intention to get rid of excess. But be prepared: just as there are no eating plans that allow a “point” effect on a bulging stomach or lose weight in the face, it is impossible with the help of giving up some food, or, conversely, eating special foods, losing weight and keeping breasts.

However, the general rules still exist. The most important of them is to avoid all sorts of fast diets, including in the format of fasting days, both in a one-off and from a global perspective.

Do not reduce the typical nutritional value of the diet dramatically. Experts believe that the “soft” way to bring weight in order, without condemning themselves to hunger and dramatic changes in lifestyle and appearance, is a diet on the glycemic index. It honestly does not promise instant results, but it will provide you with everything you need, allowing you to maintain enough strength for sports and, most importantly, changing erroneous eating habits that led to the emergence of excess weight, and reducing cravings for sweets.

A proper diet that allows you to lose weight and keep the breast must contain protein (necessary for strengthening muscles and collagen in the skin), healthy fats (care for the health of cell membranes and tissue elasticity) and enough water (essential for lymphatic drainage and fresh skin).

A proper diet that allows you to lose weight and keep the breast must contain protein (necessary for strengthening muscles and collagen in the skin), healthy fats (care for the health of cell membranes and tissue elasticity) and enough water (essential for lymphatic drainage and fresh skin).

Lose Weight And Not Lose Chest – A Plan Of Action

If the volume of your breast is mainly due to adipose tissue, and not glandular, accept the fact that the changes cannot be avoided. In extreme cases – do not lose weight.

The transition to a healthy diet for weight loss is accompanied by a set of exercises that take into account the “weak point” – the chest.

Do not be zealous on the treadmill and in activities that involve jumping (including kickboxing), especially if nature has rewarded you with a voluminous “front,” and for a warm-up, pay better attention to stretching and dynamic yoga asana – they will spare the Cooper ligaments and improve blood supply of

Muscles which means it will improve the elasticity of the tissue Also good for you will be climbing, training on an ellipse, bike.

Try not to abuse the face-down exercises (plank, pushups), especially if you are richly gifted regarding chest.

Pay sufficient, but not excessive attention to the pectoral muscles: their job is to provide the breasts of the body that are losing weight with an adequate supply of muscular strength. The coach will help you choose an individual program and avoid mistakes in technology. If you intend to practice at home, pay attention to the set of exercises for the chest, which Olympic champion Aleksandra Pat’s ceviche prepared specially for readers Woman.

During sports, be sure to wear a high-quality, special-sized bra that fits your size (your chest should not be squeezed), and in “normal” life also do not skimp on clothes with good support.

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