How to Perform Pilates Small Leg Circle Exercise?

If you want everyone to turn back and look at you when you appear at the beach in your bikini, shorts or skinny jeans, you must have those sexy and skinny legs that many popular female celebrities have. Reshaping legs to transform them into sexy and skinny ones is not something unattainable but surely, you can’t just get them as you really need to do lots of working with your unattractive legs. In this article, you will learn about some very useful skinny leg exercises along with necessary instructions. Moreover, you will get necessary dieting tips and some other useful tips to get quicker results.

Most of the exercises work for toning, strengthening and improving overall body as they involve different groups of muscles, but sometimes the leg muscles are missed out. Therefore, you need to follow only the exercises that engage leg muscles at first place. Some of the exercises in which you can get your legs directly involved in the movement include walking and cycling.

Pilates exercise is considered to be another great workout for specifically targeting your leg muscles to make your legs skinner. Remember that Pilates developed big part of muscles in core and leg and thus this fact makes it the best option for getting perfect skinny legs and Pilates small leg circle exercise will do best for you in this regard.


Arrange Mat & Resistance Band

It is also important to mention here that you can’t burn lots of calories with Pilates but it is really effective in toning legs. To perform this specific movement, you can have an exercise mat and a resistance band (optional)

Take Position & Take Action

To perform this exercise, lay down on a mat with supine back and put both legs together and once you have taken relaxed position, lift one leg into the air, flex top foot and move your foot into circle but don’t rush, just do it slowly and make at least 10 circles.

Reverse Your Direction

While you are making circles, make sure to do it with narrow and small movement so that you can keep your inner core fully flexed and aligned. Once done, reverse your direction. Do the same with other leg you can have 4 sets of 10 reps for each leg.

When you are training to strengthen and tone your legs, you have to pay special attention to your diet as well and you should remember the following rules when you have your everyday meals.

  • Eat Breakfast Like A King
  • Take Lunch Like A Prince
  • Have Dinner Like A Pauper

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