How to Perform Side Leap & Making Tracks for Legs?

Exercise 1: Side Leap

Side leap is performed under water and it is an interesting exercise which can be performed by keeping few simple steps in your mind. Follow the steps mentioned below.


Take Your Position

Keep your both feet together while both arms are hanging on your sides and now slightly move down to squat. Stay in this position and look in the left direction. Move and lift your arms in an extended manner in each side to let them reach at the height of shoulders.

Take 2-Feet Long Jump

Make a 2-feet long jump in your left side while right leg is getting extended in the other side and make sure to safely land on left. Again bring both of your feet together, stand in a balanced position and bring your arms lower.

Switch Your Position

Do the same 2-feet jump for about 4 times with left leg and when you are done, switch your position and do the same movement with the other side. When you are finished with one set of 4 jumps on each side, go for the second set and try to do as many as you can.

Exercise 2: Making Tracks

Making tracks is another effective leg exercise performed under water and it is also very interesting. Follow the steps mentioned below:


Take Your Position

When you prepare yourself for making racks in water, you need to stand straight on your feet. You must have seen railroad tracks, imagine yourself to be standing on it with both feet placing inside the tracks.

Imagine & Action

Don’t forget to keep both arms at the sides. Now you are in water but pretending to be standing on tracks, with this imagination, move ahead and pull right knee to lift it upward and to do this, press over it a little more force. Place right foot down outside of the track and step over it.

Repeat the Movement

Repeat the same movement with the other leg and when left foot comes down on the land, do a down squat and extend both arms in your sides. Once you are done, you will make a reverse motion and to do this, stand up and lower down both arms. Now you need to step inside the tracks.

Take Twenty Reps

When you are done with making outside and inside tracks, it will be counted as one rep and you will do at least 20 reps to make this exercise an effective tool to get skinny legs. When you begin, take slow moves but gradually increase your speed. Throughout the movement, make sure to keep your arms underwater.

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