My Bikini Belly Review

The major problem in women when they turn 35 is that they have to face large belly issues and they gain excessive weight. Every women wants to keep her belly slim and flat, but this does not happen with most of the women. They do regular exercise but fail in their mission to lose weight. There are menopause molecules present in women’s body which are activated at the age of 35 and increase their belly fat.

The exercise which women do have opposite effect which let these molecules get activated and deactivate belly shrinking hormones and decrease metabolism. To deal with this issue, Shawna Kaminski, a fitness expert, has developed My Bikini Belly Targeted Fat Loss Training program. I have written a detailed My Bikini Belly Targeted Fat Loss Training review to help you.

My Bikini Belly

After doing a lot of exercise if you still do not see the results, you may lose hope but now you do not have to worry about it because Shawna Kaminski presents My Bikini Belly program which includes proper steps of women’s own body weight which will give you fantastic results.

In this My Bikini Belly review, I will make you understand how this product can help you by turning off menopause molecule and let your belly fat start to melt and it will activate your belly shrinking hormones making your belly tighter and flatter. This is a 21-day workout procedure which will give you best results.

My Bikini Belly in Detail

My Bikini Belly is especially designed program for women above of different age groups to lose belly fat. For the women who have tried everything but were unable to lose belly fat now they just have to follow a few particular exercises which target fat accumulated on belly. Some main features of the program are as follows;

  • This program includes very simple steps which can be done by every woman, even in 30s and 40s.
  • It is not time-consuming program, so you do not have to adjust your daily routine.
  • It does not matter if you have a gym membership as you can perform the workouts at home.

This is not all, keep reading this My Bikini Belly Targeted Fat Loss Training Review to know a lot more about this program.

Components of My Bikini Belly Targeted Fat Loss Training

The complete program includes 3 digital format files with information about performing individual workouts to get bikini belly.

  1. Bikini Belly Flush
  2. Bikini Belly Burn
  3. Bikini Belly Blast

About Shawna Kaminski

Shawna KaminskiThe developer of My Bikini Belly program is Shawna Kaminski who has spent 25 years working with 1000s of real women and examining the secrets behind this major problem of bulging belly which every woman especially above 35 has to face. Along with this she had worked with the top menopause fat loss experts revealing the secrets about the solution to this problem.


This product comes with triple guarantee. Firstly, any women at any age level can use this product. Secondly, you will get fast and lasting results and thirdly you will get the best customer service and Shawna Kaminski will always be with you. In addition, she also provides 60-day money back guarantee to all the buyers.


  • It is not a quick fix, so it will not help the women looking for temporary solutions.
  • It is not a magical cure and will take some time to be effective.


  • It is a natural process and does not include any special or expensive equipment.
  • It works and will not waste your time anymore.
  • It is available in the form of CD as well with complete demonstration of the workouts.
  • My Bikini Belly has a very fast and effective process.
  • It comes with 60 days money back guarantee along with other guarantees.

Is It My Bikini Belly Scam?

If you are looking for effective and fast results, you must try My Bikini Belly once. You do not have to worry about anything because it comes with money back guarantee and Shawna Kaminski also says that she will always be with you and you are not alone at any stage. Overall, My Bikini Belly Program is worth a try.

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