My Inner Thighs Are Dark


In our country, a lot of obese women. No matter how hard the world tries to make slender figures an ideal, a part of the population is still suffering from obesity or a slight overweight. At the same time, a variety of problems appear, some of which are not even spoken out loud. But so many women would like to solve them!

Completeness is not only a big load on bones, stretch marks and a big belly. Also, nipped sores are also formed. Where? Only ladies of large sizes know about this, but only they do not admit it to anyone, because this is very shameful to tell. Full legs, large thighs lead to the fact that during walking the pins are touching in somewhat tender places and rubbed vigorously. In the just a few minutes, you can wipe the skin into the blood, and it is much more painful than corns on the feet.

Why Does It Happen?

Such rubbing is not always a sign of fullness. Some women have their legs, and even with the low weight, this problem manifests itself. Moreover, there are not only ulcers caused by rubbing, but also prickly heat from the heat or dark spots.

The skin rubs against each other, and not once, but for several hours a day. From this, it darkens. The space between the legs, or rather, the upper part of the pins on the inside becomes brown or grayish, significantly different from the surrounding skin. You can even see this on the beaches, but usually, the ladies shyly hide behind the pares, because they know about this problem.

Speaking of such manifestations, it is necessary to distinguish two problems: the first is how not to rub the legs, how to walk without pain and terrible ulcers. The second problem is how to remove dark circles. Of course, they immediately disappear after losing weight, but this is the most challenging path that not everyone can do. But our mothers and even grandmothers faced these troubles, and for so many years, a solution was found.

How Not To Rub Feet

The most comfortable and most convenient way is not to wear skirts and dresses. In trousers, legs are not rubbed. This is a cardinal decision, but many adhere to it. At the same time, the trousers are worn at all for a long time, since even a dense fabric does not withstand such tension. Most large women are forced to buy new pants every 3-5 months since holes appear on the inner side of the hips.

The second solution, popular among the older generation, is starch. Plain potato starch is sold at any grocery store. Before going outside, it is applied to clean skin. It is not visible, creates a light touch, which prevents scuffing. But it works only when a person does not sweat. And the effect lasts about three hours. Talc acts similarly, but you can always put it in your handbag and add it.

A good solution is a fat cream. But it is only when you do not plan to sit down somewhere because then there will be traces on the dress. It is better to take the option that is not immediately absorbed, for example, children’s cream or even petroleum jelly. Regularly have to add more to avoid problems.

An excellent modern solution is an antiperspirant. Dry deodorant, which is composed of talc, is best suited to all. Apply to your feet as you would to your armpits, and forget about the problem forever. The choice of such means is enormous; it is optimal to take the one that does not have a burning smell. There are even small options that fit comfortably into a bag.

Thighs Are Dark

Proper Clothing Is Also A Way Out.

If you wear the right clothes, your legs will not be rubbed. Unique shorts will save delicate places from injury. You can buy them in a regular store, but note that good models are only in decent brands. The best option – light, breathing materials that are not collected, do not roll and are not visible under clothing. Such things exist but only are not very cheap.

Also, many ladies have adapted to make shorts from tights. Trim pantyhose no more than 15 dens thick and carefully trim the edge so that arrows do not form. Such things also save from rubbing, but you need to take care that the skirt is not too short so as not to accidentally reveal such a “beauty.”

How To Remove The Irritation

If you have already rubbed your feet, then you need to take a bath, wash the affected areas with a mild detergent and apply a healing cream. In the pharmacy, there are creams for children that help against chickens. Options for bedsores also remove unpleasant symptoms. And if it happened, then at least a day go in trousers.

Do not use iodine, brilliant green or other similar means. Hydrogen peroxide is also contraindicated. Just healing cream will be much more effective.

Dark Spots Are Not A Sentence.

Many women have learned to do without ulcers, using various means, but some have resigned themselves to removing ugly skin color in this area will not succeed. But there is a solution to this. There are several ways, for one, some are suitable, for others – others. Choose your own and act.

Make a unique scrub for this area. Take the leftovers from the boiled coffee, add a few drops of lemon juice and a little softening cream. Apply to the city of ​​spots in a circular motion to remove the horny layer of skin. Rinse with warm water. Repeat the procedure will have to always, but the color will gradually become much lighter.

Hydrogen peroxide is a good remedy. Apply to a cotton swab and wipe the surface of the dark skin. The procedure is repeated twice a day. The effect will be noticeable only in a week. Again, if you do not lose weight and wear skirts, friction continues, respectively, will have to use bleaching continually.

Well brightens the skin of lemon juice. You can even wipe the stains with a piece of lemon, but it is essential: you can only use it when there is no irritation. Yes, and this procedure sometimes causes allergies, so the juice is sometimes mixed with water.

There are whitening creams on the market, for example, chromium. These drugs are more suitable for highlighting pigment spots, but they also affect the rubbed spots. It is necessary to use it twice a day – in the morning and the evening. The effect will be in a week, and complete whitening will occur in a month, but the course will sometimes have to be repeated.

Full legs – this is not a problem today, everything can be solved. Or maybe you also have some secret ways to get rid of such troubles? It would be exciting.

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