Tips for Sleep Optimization to Deal with Acne – Part 1

The repeated story of 8-hour sleep at night contains several authentic arguments behind the claim. The importance of sleep is equal to the importance of air and water in a person’s life. Even if you use a machine for several days without giving it a rest, the machine will lose its quality performance. Similarly a human body needs rest to continue proper performance. Sleep has a close relation with acne and Candida.

Functions of Sleep


Sleep is a natural detoxifier. It is reported during several experiments that the resting phase of the hormones is a cleansing process in fact. The rays in the atmosphere at night work on the resting hormones and convert them into natural detoxifiers. However, if the body is in active state, then the rays become ineffective on the hormones and the detoxification process does not take place. The old food in the digestive tract stays for weeks and converts into the toxic substances and bring several diseases in the body.

Insulin Regulation

Sleep at night regulates the insulin functioning in the body. Researches reveal that even a short sleep of only one night can disturb the insulin performance. The lack of sleep or its deprivation can alter the insulin functioning, and insulin will start resisting in the body. The lack of sugar and insulin maintenance breaks out the acne and worsens the Candida conditions.

Hormone Flow

Sleep regulates the normal processing of the hormones. The hormones of a person need rest after several hours of functioning. However, when the person deprives of the sleep, the hormones remain active, continue secreting their fluids and cause skin pore clogging. The result of whole process turns up as acne. The effect of sleep on the hormones can also induce Candida in the body.

Eating Disorders

There are two types of eating disorders due to sleeplessness. The one type is irregular eating, in which a person fails to estimate his meal times and quantities and continues eating. Mid-night meals come in this category. On the other hand, the deprivation of sleep arouses hunger pangs at irregular intervals. The person with lack of sleep consumes more energy than required and therefore, eats more than his requirement.


Sleep helps control the stress and fatigue. A person who does not give rest to his body remains tired and gloomy. Continuous fatigue turns into stress which indirectly brings hormonal and several other effects. All of the circumstances combine to cause acne breakout. Sleep helps reduce fatigue. However, a sleep of the daytime does not reduce fatigue. Studies reveal that fatigue can only be eliminated from the body by an hour sleep at night time only.

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