What are the Most Effective Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss?

When you intend to lose weight and get ideal body shape, you have to apply the combination of weight loss exercises and weight loss diet for better results. In this regard, first of all, you have to find the number of calories you need to consume and burn on a daily basis. When you are trying to lose extra weight, the number of calories to be burned will always be higher than the number of calories you consume.

Once you know how much calories your body needs to burn to lose weight, you can do the cardio exercises which will help you increase your heart rate which is no doubt the best way to burn maximum number of calories. You must choose the most effective cardio exercises to get maximum calories burned. Believe it or not, skipping rope is one of the most effective exercises for weight loss for the reason that it involves almost all of the body muscles during the movement. According to a research conducted by American College of Sports Medicine, you can burn the following amount of calories per hour skipping rope.

<strong>Skipping Rope & Amount of Calories Burned</strong>

Weight (In Pounds) Calories Burned Per Hour
Slow Pace 130 472
155 563
180 654
205 745
Moderate Pace 130 590
155 704
180 817
205 931
Fast Pace 130 708
155 844
180 981
205 1117

<strong>List of Cardio Exercises Ranging From Highest to the Lowest Calories Burned</strong>

There are different kinds of cardio exercises which you can choose and some of them are swimming, running, biking. When you try to burn maximum number of calories in less time, you need to enhance the intensity of workouts you are doing. Most of the cardio exercises generate better results when they are performed for a duration of 40-60 minutes. It is really important to know that what type of cardio you are doing as different exercises generate different results. Below is the chart showing different exercises help in average caloric burnt just in 1 hour for a man with 160 pounds of body weight.

No. Cardio Calories burnt
1 Skipping Rope 861
2 Running Up Stairs 852
3 Tae Kwon Do 752
4 Boxing

Boxing in Ring

kickboxing in Class




5 Running (5mph/8mph) 606/861
6 Tennis 584
7 Aerobics (high/low impact) 533/365
8 Rowing 438
9 Swimming








10 Walking Uphill With Road 415
11 Dancing 443
12 Rock Climbing 454
13 Jogging 398
14 Jet skiing 398
15 Cycling (leisure/spin class) 292/500
16 Walking (2mph/3.5mph) 204/314


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